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I dont use twitter i dont really have the time too. i do have a Facebook which i barley use iy on the count that im going to school, i would say full time but im doing 15 units so i guess over time now and between that an a part time job the rest of my time go pretty mush on H.W.
Heres one of the few poems i have written. i used gimp 2 to make it.
 First time attending a  poetry reading today. Personal i have never been a fan of poetry so i didn't really like it. However many of my classmates did. Idk poetry just isnt for me.

I picked this subject because i know people who what it.

 The one on the left my gf drew it for me during class one day in laterally 2 min. The one on the right is what we like to say her going pro.
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2012 Audi a5


    My names Josh. I'm just messing around having fun with this and just looking to see if it takes me anywhere.


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